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Water is the Key to Survival, Justice and Prosperity

Water is the Key to Survival, Justice and Prosperity
Hydropower, Tidal Power, Wave Energy

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dry Spring; Author Chris Wood details North American Water Crisis

Here is how Canadian writer Chris Wood, author of Dry Spring: The Coming Water Crisis of North America, describes his rationale for writing such an alarming book:

Atlanta’s drought, California’s fires, Mexico’s flood, Canada’s weird winters year after year… here at last is a book that connects the dots in a lively way between the headlines, the climate science and the forecast for tomorrow and the day after. 

When the climate changes, weather changes. And when the weather changes, so does our ultimate source of water. If your lifestyle, your job, your business or your community rely on water—and that’s just about all of us—you need to know what’s in this book. 

Dry Spring spells out the weather forecast for North America and the urgent reasons to begin preparing for the storm just over the horizon. It challenges environmentalist dogma, explaining why today’s leading campaigners for water pose a danger to its future supply. It offers visionary alternatives drawn from working examples around the world and here at home. 

In a way, I’ve been writing this book since I was a boy. I grew up half a century ago near a waterfall left over from the continent’s last big climate change—when the ice that covered my Canadian birthplace 12,000 years ago melted. I’ve covered the story off and on for three decades as a working journalist, reporting on catastrophes and conflicts around the world. The final product is the result of close to three years of focused work, scores of interviews, reporting trips to three countries, stacks of scientific reading and the generous help of many people, all to answer just two important questions

What does ‘climate change’ really mean to us here in the different regions of North America, over the decade just ahead? 

What do we need to do in order to be ready for whatever’s coming?

In Dry Spring, you’ll meet a Great Lakes ship captain, a Nevada ‘water-cop,’ an aboriginal elder from Manitoba, a new-age Texas farmer, a Mexican biologist, an east-coast fisherman, and many other North Americans who are finding out first hand what a changing climate feels like. You'll discover an underwater 'bank' in Ohio, a radical water exchange in Alberta, a recycled lake in Las Vegas, and other places where pioneers are breaking with convention to make water work harder while helping to rescue the environment. 

You'll learn the dramatic bottom line of climate change in North America and understand why our governments are so reluctant to confront it

Buy book Dry Spring by Chris Wood at online bookstore Amazon.com:

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Thanks for this informative details. It was very helpful.
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