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Tidal Energy Turbines

Tidal Energy Turbines
Energy from water flow captured by tidal power electricity generation system.

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Water is the Key to Survival, Justice and Prosperity

Water is the Key to Survival, Justice and Prosperity
Hydropower, Tidal Power, Wave Energy

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bargain Water Stcks, Desalination, Purification

Some water stocks to look into:

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (Tokyo:6370) english website is a leading manufacturer of water treatment equipment, chemicals and plant equipment.

Pall Corp (NYSE: PLL) through its subsidiaries, engages in the manufacture and marketing of filtration and separation products and systems worldwide. The company operates in five segments: Medical, BioPharmaceuticals, General Industrial, Aerospace, and Microelectronics. At Friday's close of 29.46, the stock is off from its high of 43.19, and now trades at a PE of 16.75 and yields 1.77%.

Peerless Manufacturing (PMFG) - PMFG is a provider of air and water filtration, pollution prevention, water purification. and NOx reduction technologies. Serves markets for power generation, natural gas infrastructure, refining and petrochemical processing. It offers a range of separation and filtration products, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, and other complementary products, including specialty heat exchangers, pulsation dampeners and silencers.

The stock is at 10.58, down from 58.62. PMFG has growing revenues and presents an attractive valuation for longterm, higher risk investors to consider. This is not a buy recommendation, but rather a suggestion that it may be time to look into companies like this one, and clean environment funds and green energy funds that own progressive companies like Peerless.

TROJAN Technologies (TSE: TUV) water purification: A leader in advanced treatment solutions to safeguard the world's water. Trojan provides water purification and water management for utilizing innovative, technology-based solutions to provide municipalities, industrial enterprises, and consumers with pure water in a sustainable manner.

Watts Water Technologies (WTS), supplier of products for use in the water quality, water safety, water flow control and water conservation markets. Closing at 27.72 (up 10.75% on the day), WTS was a shining light in a down market. A solid company in a strong sector, the firm trades at only 14.3 times earnings and yields 1.59%.

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