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Tidal Energy Turbines
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Water is the Key to Survival, Justice and Prosperity

Water is the Key to Survival, Justice and Prosperity
Hydropower, Tidal Power, Wave Energy

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Global Water Conservation News, September 2008

World Wide Water Conservation, Global Water Shortages, National Water Scarcity News

September 19th, 2008

"Flow: For Love of Water" highlights the fact that one sixth of the world's population lacks access to clean drinking water, a problem that results in more than 2 million people, primarily children, being killed by water-borne diseases each year. Growing Global Water Shortage Expected To Get Worse

September 18th , 2008

CNN - Planet is running out of clean water, new film warns - Water-related problems aren't restricted to the developing world. A harmful pesticide, banned by many European countries, remains widely used in the United States, where it runs into rivers and streams. And one expert estimates California's water supply will run out in 20 years. CNN story on movie, Flow, film about world water shortage

September 18th, 2008

Water for water - India has shown its intention to resolve the dispute of stopping water flow of Chenab in the form of water for water. In this connection it has proposed a meeting of the Indus Water Commission (IWC) to assess reduction in the water flow, as Pakistan had earlier called for an explanation over the reduction in water level following trial running of Baglihar power project in Jammu. Pakistan High Commissioner in New Delhi Shahid Malik was told that the water level in Chenab was lower this year as compared to last year due to insufficient rains. Pakistan had been already informed about the impending reduction in the water level as filling of the Baglihar Dam was in progress. The level has now returned to the normal, Shahid said, adding figures given were much lower than the water released by India. Three units of the controversial Baglihar power project are expected to generate electricity next week. PakPressWatch.com article on Chenab River water flow / Baglihar hydropower project

September 17th, 2008

Israel and the occupied West Bank have both been hit hard by drought, but Palestinian farmers say Israeli restrictions on their water supplies have made conditions far worse for them than for farmers in nearby Jewish settlements. In many homes in the West Bank city of Jenin, water has been all but cut off since April. To cope, residents of Jenin and hundreds of villages get their water delivered by truck at sky-high prices. Reuters.com article: Water shortages hurt farming in Palestine

September 10th, 2008

EPA Encourages Water Conservation - Water is a precious resource; across the country a typical family of four spends about $850 on water and sewer costs per year, a family of four can save $210 per year by changing over to water-efficient appliances and fixtures, and by adopting other water saving practices. EPA.gov webpage on water conservation policy

August 30th, 2008

Associated Press - Rainwater collectors work to ease shortages - Scientists warn that climate change will result in more severe droughts and erratic storms worldwide, and this spring was the driest in California's 114 years of record-keeping. Extreme drought and abnormally dry conditions persist across large swaths of the country, with the West and Southeast hardest hit. Roofs are being used to collect rain from Austin to Seattle. Santa Monica's new library sits atop a 200,000-gallon rainwater cistern, and in August the city launched a rainwater rebate program for homeowners. AP article on rainwater collection

August 25 , 2008

Rainwater Harvesting in the UK – Current Practice and Future Trends Rainwater harvesting (RWH), where runoff from roofs and impervious areas iscollected and utilised, is receiving renewed attention as an alternative watersource. Article On Rainwater harvesting in United Kingdom UK

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